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Wedding Design

Bring the event to life, give color to the organization, give shape to your project.

Creating an event means that you can combine in shapes and cores, creativity and event so that you can wear yours and feel deeply.

Decorations, flowers, accessories, table arrangements, everything is designed to be original, to harmonize in the best way with the place and create the chosen theme to liven up the guests.

in the elaboration of the project, in the creation of the scenographic sketches and in the layout of the room, and then in the study and creation of samples or in the tests of the decorative elements in harmony with the spaces. From the decor table to the chairs, everything is designed to be in harmony and reflect the decor and style of the ceremony.

We constantly research trends, different materials, cores and styles to make an amazing event.

We design, create decorative items and then do the installation to allow everything to come true and your dream come true!

Ours always have the typical charm of savoir faire made in Italy, but thanks to our clients from all over the world, we challenge ourselves to carry out projects that mix different styles and international traditions.

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