Wedding Celebrant

Celebrante de Casamento

The proposal of the “Bene-detto” Celebrante is to create and conduct a light, relaxed, exciting celebration and, above all, the couple’s way. Supported by the style and personality of the bride and groom, we have prepared a surprise chronicle that will talk about the couple’s story, reflect on their love and involve all guests. It has no civil (but may also have) or religious value. The value is in the experience of living a unique moment, made exclusively for you.

Benedetto= Blessed, the meanings are exactly the same in both languages, Italian and Portuguese: BENEDETTO in the sense of blessed and BENE DETTO in the sense of well said. This is exactly what happens in our celebrations!

We decided to celebrate weddings and participate in the most important day of someone’s life, not only backstage during the organization, but being together with the bride and groom at the moment of “yes”.

We chose another side of this profession that is very different, it really takes a lot of work and carries with it a lot of responsibility, but it also entertains and, above all, teaches a lot.

“I must confess that I never dreamed of any of this. And look how much I dream! But the good news is that being a celebrant taught me something very important: sometimes, living someone else’s dreams can be as good as living our own, and for that I’m so grateful!” – Suellen Fernandes.


Whether it’s a civil wedding, Catholic blessing or a custom symbolic ceremony – I’ll help you get your ceremony done.
Catholic marriage; Civil marriage; Jewish marriage; Protestant marriage; Symbolic marriage; Blessing and Vow Renewals;

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